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Civil protests took over the streets of  Yerevan — the capital of Armenia. People demand a dismissal  of the former president Serzh Sargsyan who became prime-minister of the Republic to keep power in his hands. The police promise to use force against the protesters including firearms. Therefore, Armenian journalists ask the international media to focus attention on  Armenia to contains such attempts.

This is an excerpt from the appeal  of the journalists who work for Armenian TV network  GALA to their colleagues  from all over the world. We publish it at their request.

GALA TV Company’s Appeal to International Media

Dear Colleagues!

We appeal to you, the international media, particularly those mass media who we have the honor to cooperate with, to be aware that crucial events for the society are taking place in Armenia. Peaceful disobedience actions, rallies and marches are being held in Armenia.

This is a conscious struggle of a free citizen because tens of thousands of civil society representatives, mostly students and young activists, are fighting for their rights, rule of law and democratic values in their own country. This is the progressive Armenian society’s contribution to the global democratization processes.

Taking into consideration what the regime in Armenia is capable of, particularly in 2008, when the protest actions ended with the killing of 10 people, we urge our international partners to pay close attention to the events in Armenia. This may possibly deter the governing system from the use of provocations and excessive force and keep them vigilant. In this way, besides fulfilling our professional duty to provide information, we can also save human lives and destinies.



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