Dauren Abaev’s games

In the backdrop of sharp deficit of fuel, a result of which was a considerable rise in retail prices, and loud inter-governmental scandal, provoked by the statements of the Kyrgyz president, all other subjects automatically went to the background. And this includes inter-clan games and wars.

In the meantime the latest victim of such games became political analyst ERlan Karin, who headed AO RTRK Kazakhstan from Feb. of 2017 in the chairman position.

The thing is, ERlan Tynymbayuli has received this position despite the desire of minister of information and media RK Dauren Abaev, who wanted to appoint one of his men, but it didn’t work out; as a result in the inter-institutional meetings he frequently “harasses” Karin for good reasons and without.

In addition to all this, a media attack was started against Karin, including in the internet, and the one using quite dirty methods. Thus recently, a thread was spread through Whatsapp, accusing him of homosexual predilections. Of course we cannot claim (and we aren’t) that minister Abaev has something to do with it, however this fact in itself is quite significant.

Dauren Abaev was also noticed participating in other inner-elite, in relation to various quite well-known people. For example, minister of energy Kanat Bozumbaev. Even though, it is clear that a figure of such caliber is too big for information minister.

In the words of our sources in Astana, Abaev has been long called a “lame duck” in the left bank. He actively looks for someone to group up with and heavyweights secretly use him in media wars against their opponents. Apparently having been carried away by “leaks” and trolling against other ministers, allowing him to look more appealing compared to them, Abaev fell under the influence of large inner-elite players and cannot go against them.

By the way, based on talks in the media sphere it follows, that for the purposes of trolling and leaks, Dauren Abaev uses especially created group of trolls, sitting inside of RGU Central communications service and AO Kazkontent. However, this are just private opinions, voiced confidentially and not having any real proof.

On our end we note that, even though the fact of existence of trolls itself, ona  service of Kazakh government doesn’t make one happy and once against proves the immorality of Akorda as such, it nonetheless can be considered a crime; such practice became normal in post-Soviet space. However, the use of state trolls for personal goals is a Kazakh invention, a sort of a know-how of Dauren Abaev.


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