On Bolat Nazarbayev’s Quarantine

The talks about Bolat Nazarbayev (Nurultan Nazarbayev’s younger brother) experiencing health problems started in Kazakhstan around the mid-year.

A big part in the emergence of these talks was played by Mukhtar Ablyazov, Nazarbayev’s biggest political opponent of today who is currently residing in Paris.  

Apart from him, in their video materials from Kiev, political emigres Aydos and Natalya Sadykovs have reported on Bolat Nazarbayev’s problems and the handing over of his assets to the elder children (for instance, click here and herevideos available in Russian).  

KZ.expert does not possess reliable information on Bolat Nazarbayev’s state of health. However, judging by the fact that the Elbasy’s brother has practically quarantined himself in his estate located in the Uzynagash residential area of the Almaty region, he does nave problems that cannot be resolved even with help of his fortune and the world’s best doctors.  

According to one of our insiders, after his return from Germany, Bolat Nazarbayev has drastically reduced the number of contacts with others and has practically stopped having social life.

According to another source, the estate of the most notorious member of the Kazakh ruling clan situated near the Ile-Alatau national park is being guarded just as vigilantly as the residence of his elder brother Nursultan Nazarbayev.   

Moreover, the sensors monitoring the movements of people are allegedly installed not only on the territory of the estate but in the adjacent areas. As a result, the hunters who wish to hunt nearby Bolat Nazarbayev’s residence run into armed and camouflaged people who force them to leave the area.   

Apart from that, according to unchecked data, the management of the national part has replaced the chasseurs monitoring the area.

Undoubtedly, all this is a part the special measures on preventing unsanctioned estate access to reporters or casual observers.

We at KZ.expert believe that this looks very strange for the man who, up until recently, has been leading an active life, changing wives on a regular basis, throwing around money and cars thus shocking the Kazakh public with his behaviour.

You will recall that we have written about Bolat Nazarbayev, this unofficial “king” of the Almaty region, in our publications.

For instance, in the article titled “A Forecast for Bolat Nazarbayev’s Future“, we predict that he will have a sad future once his brother passes away (quoting).

“The thing is that, the scale and the energy of the public anger is going to serve as the key factor that will determine which one of Nursultan Nazarbayev’s relatives will be sacrificed at the altar of the public opinion several years after the First President’s death. In this regard, Bolat Nazarbayev is definitely among those who lead the way, in our opinion.

Why? Because not only has the Elbasy’s brother long been the scandal of the neighbourhood but he has been dominating the consumer goods market in the Almaty region and, partially, in the Almaty city. Mainly, in the sphere of groceries and the goods imported from China.

The Altyn Orda marketplace and the Magnum Cash& Carry retail network are the key elements of the unofficial monopoly that he and his clan have created”.

“Under these circumstances, the number of Bolat Nazarbayev’s ill-wishers is already sky-rocketing although, until a tipping point has not been reached, the discontent does not go beyond the limits of the usual spur of the moment altercations. Still, one way or another, the tipping point will be reached, and it will happen in Almaty and the Almaty region or, to be precise, at their border where we can expect a repetition of the events that took place at the start of the year in the Korday district of the Zhambyl region — with the massive-scale pogroms and arson attacks on the properties that belong to the clan of the Elbasy’s brother.

This scenario is all the more likely to materialise in the coming years since the masterminds of the operation akin to the one that took place in the Korday district will be driven by a financial interest that unites many — to free the market from the hated monopolist that takes away a part of their earnings, keeps them from doing their job or even pushes them off the market.

Adding to this Bolat Nazarbayev’s behaviour when he is openly priding himself on his exclusive standing, big fortune and impunity, changes his wives like socks and practically never crawls out of scandals, we presume that he will be the one scarified”.

However, it looks like Bolat Nazarbayev may no longer care what is going to happen after the death of Nursultan Nazarbayev and if he will be able to retain his status in the ruling elite as well as his illegally-earned fortune amounting to hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars (if we are to believe to some malicious gossips). Eternity may be much closer to him than to him brother.

From the political perspective, the passing of Bolat Nazarbayev is going to be an insignificant event since he has not been actively involved in the political fightings within the ruling elite. He has always been a typical consumer, never a producer, let alone a creator.


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