The New Twists of the LRT CASE

The Astana LRT trial is continuing in Kazakhstan’s capital. The witnesses’ statements have revealed new curious particularities of the intrinsics of this project. And our insiders have provided us with information on whom the prosecutors see as the scapegoat. 

Here is a quote from Sputnik Kazakhstan’s publication titled «Witness Says Ex-Chair of Astana LRT Never Wanted to Sign Reports of Completion» (text in bold by

«We at Astana LRT had practiced accepting jobs on a monthly basis. The payment were also made on a monthly basis. We had a person responsible for accepting these reports and, later, a report of completion was signed», said Irzhanova«.

«The reports of completion were signed under POA by Chief Technology Officer Arykbayev Aytkazy. The power of attorney was given to him by Talgat Ardan. He himself never wanted to sign even a single report of completion«, answered Ayna Irzhanova. She specified that the reports were signed in accordance with the law.

The Judge asked Ayna Irzhanova if she knew the accused, Dauren Abdykhamitov. The witness reported that Dauren Abdykhamitov was a friend of Talgat Ardan.

«Yes, I know him. Talgat Ardan introduced him to me as his friend. I know that, de-facto, he was involved in the Nur Trade and MG Pro companies. When we were being introduced to the companies’ representatives, Dauren Abdykhamitov was also present and Talgat Ardan said — «thanks to my friend, we have found the companies that will help us to implement this project». And during the implementation of the projects, Abdykhamitov was on occasion present in our office where we would discuss their implementation and the contractual performance. He used to visit Talgat Ardan practically every day, he would also come into his office«, said Irzhanova.

She added that Abdykhamitov »had participated in the implementation of our projects personally». «If Nur Trade and MG Pro had a problem with payments, he would come and inquire what needed to be done for the payment to be completed, which documents were lacking, what was standing in the way and so forth«, said the witness.

Answering the Judge’s question, she specified that Ardan and Abdykhamitov were close friends. „Talgat Ardan had told this to me a number of times. As I’ve said, practically every day, Abdykhamitov Dauren Serikovich would come to the office, visit Talgat Ardan, they would talk. He would wait for our staff meeting to end, and the come into the office“, said Irzhanova». has already commented on this high-profile criminal case and judicial trial in the publication «Crabs in a Barrel or LRT’s Evil Genius». In this article, citing our insiders, we have conjectured that (quoting): «there is little chance for Kanat Sultanbekov and Talgat Ardan whom the Kazakh authorities have declared international fugitives to be detained abroad and extradited to Kazakhstan in the nearest future. And not because the Kazakh Public Prosecution Office and the Anticorruption Agency are not going to try but because, today, it will not be for the Library’s benefit».

We at believe that the reason for that lies in the two important (for Kazakhstan) factors. 

First, the fact that «the über-expensive and the über-scandalous project of constructing the LRT system in the capital is directly linked to Nurali Aliyev, Dariga Nazarbayeva’s eldest son and, therefore, Nursultan Nazarbayev’s eldest grandson». 

Second, the fact that «its failure has partly been caused by the inter-clan clashes and even the direct hostilities inside Nursultan Nazarbayev’s big family».

The thing is that, according to our insiders, «Dariga Nazarbayeva and her sub-clan have tripped „thanks to“ the unofficial activities on the part of one of the Elbasy’s close relative. These efforts turned out to be so successful that the „Leader of the Nation’s“ eldest daughter was forced to leave the post of the Head of the Senate and abandon her political ambitions. Of course, the expensive investment project financed by the Chinese money had suffered as well».

Meanwhile, even though the Library is more than keen on the Astana LRT trial ending as soon possible and on the accused not exceeding the scope of the already given testimonies, someone may try and use this case to their own political advantage. 

For instance, one may try and to convince those now sitting on the defendants’ bench to testify against — 

a) Imangali Tasmagambetov who was the head of the capital’s akimat at the time of the project launch;

b) Nurali Aliyev who, at the time, was Tasmagambetov’s deputy.

With that, according to our insiders, it is Dauren Abdykhamitov who may turn out to be the key «talker» among the defendants. Allegedly, it is this entrepreneur who used to act as the main intermediary between the «gold-diggers» and those who were helping them in this lucrative undertaking.  

Interestingly, those who, today, wish to speak with the defendants include a representative of the Kazakh Public Prosecutor’s Office. What’s more, the latter is allegedly going around waving a paper with the permission to pardon those who give the necessary testimony next year. However, even more interestingly, those who are convincing the defendants to keep silent and not go beyond the scope of the already driven testimony are using the same argument — the amnesty that has allegedly been promised by President Kossym-Jomart Tokayev.

We are not going to forecast the general outcome of the Astana LRT trial, however, we believe that, regardless of the testimonies that will be given and the sentences that will be passed, the likelihood of the accused spending many years in prison is close to a zero. The thing is that this is too «hot» a case and the Library is too keen on putting an end to it.


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