On Daulbayev’s Case and BTA Money

Based on the information received from our sources, clouds may soon grow much heavier above once influential siloviki: former Kazakhstan Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbayev and his Deputy Andrey Kravchenko.

The thing is that Mukhtar Ablyazov is not simply walking free and out of Akorda’s reach. Located in Paris, he is actively participating in Kazakhstan’s internal political process this greatly irritating the power vertical directly subordinated to the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In Kazakhstan, the standard form of channeling this kind of irritation has long been the punishment of those who failed to execute the Leader of the Nation’s order to neutralize his political enemy.

In the case at hand, the activity of Mr. Daulbayev’s opponents has been made easier by the fact that, allegedly, Ulygbek Maksatbekuulu (former designated employee of the Public Prosecution Office who later moved to BTA Bank JSC as an efficient manager) had already testified against former Prosecutor General and his Deputy. (For more details, see Will The Come for Daulbayev,  On Maksatbekuulu Case , Mystery of Maksatbekuulu Trial,  BTA Norms — text available in Russian).

On the photo — Andrey Kravchenko and Ulugbek Maksatbekuulu 

We, in our turn, have the information that a certain company closely associated with Bank CenterCredit JSC has purchased a firm from Askhat Daulbayev having paid for it US4.5 $ mln. With that, the said legal body was allegedly created with the money that the former Prosecutor General had given to his son and that he, according to our insiders, «earned» during the «partitioning» of BTA Bank’s funds allocated for the «war» against Mukhtar Ablyazov.

This money was once «legalized» though the offshore firms controlled by the convicted Ulugbek Maksatbekuuly and his wife.

Since this information has surfaced accidentally during the analysis of the operations of the company that is actively participating in the conflict between Bank CenterCtredit and Bekzhan Kulbayev, we cannot vouch for its accuracy. However, the dissatisfaction with the results and the quality of the operations performed by the Public Prosecution Office against Mukhtar Ablyazov at the times when Askhat Daulbayev and Andrey Kravchenko were a part of its top-management is so high, according to our insiders’ information, that the opponents of the latter may convince the second President of Kazakhstan to sanction a desirable punishment.

Especially considering that, as part of Akorda’s current populist policy, a high-profile arraignment of former top-rank officials and siloviki may serve as a rather effective way to demonstrate that the authorities are restoring the order in the country and reacting to the discontent of the citizens.


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