On possible reshuffling in Akorda

Based on information from our sources Kazakhstani president Nazarbaev is going to fulfill another shakedown of the upper echelon of the government.

The reasons forcing the head of the Kazakh state to take such steps are obvious. Despite all of Akorda’s attempts to overcome crises in economy and social sphere, the quality of life level of majority of Kazakhs is continuing to go down. Thus, threats to domestic stability are growing, and it is becoming dangerous not to notice it.

In such situations, Nazarbaev who formed as a politician and government official in the late Soviet period, now often called Brezhnev period, acts in a standard way. First of all, he is trying to mobilize the country, government apparatus, entrepreneurial corps, society via some publicized programs, slogans, ideas. Secondly, he is replacing a prime minister, simultaneously, changing the structure and makeup of the cabinet of ministers. Or, at least he is going to fire prime-minister and some of the weakest members of the government.

The less obvious confirmation that Nazarbaev is getting ready for a shakedown is the frequency of his meeting with officials in the past month.

Thus, on Sep. 27th of this year, Nazarbaev has met with the minister of defense Saken Jasuzakov, on Oct. 2 he met with the minister of foreign affairs Kairat Abdrahmanov, on Oct. 10 with the head of International financial center Astana Kairat Kelimbetov, on Oct. 16 with the minister of energy Kanat Bozumbaev and then on the same day with the minister on investments and development Jenis Kasymbek, then the next day with the deputy PM and minister of agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov, on Oct. 23 with the chairman of committee of national security Karim Masimov, and on Oct. 26 with the leader of presidential administration Jaksybekov and his first deputy Marat Tajin. Evidently, this will continue in November as well.

It is impossible to predict when Nazarbaev will start reshufflings in the upper echelons of the state and who exactly will lose or receive positions. We can only guess. Most likely employee shuffles in the upper echelon of the government will be tied to yet another presidential message to the people of Kazakhstan. And the announcement of the latter is possible at any moment from late Nov. to Mar. of 2018.

The same goes for individuals. As always is the case in situations like this, every influential figure in Akorda has their own vision for arranging of people, which they are trying to suggest to the leader of the nation. But the fact that the president personally meets with members of the government and heads of government structure under him, speaks of the fact that Nazarbaev is very concerned.

Thus he will evaluate offers of his allies in the second place. Right now it is important for Nazarbaev to form a government that wont as much do the heel-clicking and reporting on fulfillment of his tasks, as will truly provide economic growth and betterment of social well-being of citizens in the country.

The thing is however, that neither changing of the government structure, change of the head of the government or of separate ministries, nor new strategic programs of development and betterment will help Kazakhstan the way they did to USSR back in the day. At least because Akorda isn’t ready to engage busines and citizens for active participation in the reforms. It isn’t ready because the latter isn’t possible without systemic changes in the political system and on practice.


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