How Washington and London Helped Masimov

Something new has appeared in Akorda’s story explaining who had orchestrated the January events in Kazakhstan. It turns out former Chief of the NSC RK Karim Masimov was acting with support of Washington and London.

We have found this “something new” in an article of high-profile Kazakh political expert, journalist and PR-specialist Daniyar Ashimbayev.

Last time we recalled his name was on May 30, 2022, in the context of the interview with First President Nursultan Nazarbayev he allegedly conducted and then published on his Telegram-channel. We comment on the communication between the former “leader of the nation” and one of his unofficial “soldiers” in our article “On the Main Aspects of Nazarbayev’s Interview”.  

This time, we turn to Daniyar Ashimabyev’s oral political art because of his article published on Turan press and titled “On President Tokayev and the Public Opinion”. The thing is that, apart from the praises addressed to Tokayev that, in our opinion, differ from those the author has been addressing to Nursultan Nazarbayev for a number of years only in terms of the occasion on which they were sung, Ashimbayev has said something that may very well become a sensation.

The thing is that Mr. Ahimbayev is one of Kazakhstan’s main quasi-governmental speakers who has been promoting the idea that the January events in Kazakhstan were but a result of a massive-scale conspiracy aimed to overthrow Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Now, when criticizing those holding a different view about the events of January 2022 and considering them “a civilian riot” against “the bloody regime” (the words in quotes borrowed from Mr. Ashimbayev’s article released on Turan press), he, apart from other things, speaks in support of Nursultan Nazarbayev.

For instance, he is trying to prove that the latter had nothing to do with orchestrating either the “civilian riot” or “conspiracy of the elites”. Here is a quote (text in bold by

“Let’s take, for instance, the January events. Many people insist on calling them “a civilian riot” (against “the bloody regime”) simultaneously believing that they were orchestrated by… Nursultan Nazarbayev. The fact that the First President had handed over to Tokayev the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and announced that he was going to hand over the Nur Otan party was probably but a “camouflage”. As well as the fact that the so-called “peaceful protests” – the first stage of the coup – were happening under the slogan “Shal ket!”. OK, agree the critics, then Masimov was acting in the interest of Kayrat Satubaldy and/or Samat Abish who – based on the same logic – operated on Nazarbayev’s orders.

On the other hand, we saw that the First President was helping his nephews albeit he obviously did not place his stakes on them. Both (the elder and the younger) nephews were kept in the background. While their names were known to the general public, only a few new them by sight”. 

For this reason, I believe either one or the other (or both of them together) were rather junior partners in this scheme. As for the main orchestrator, Karim Masimov (with all due respect to the idle talk) was not a man who would undertake the carrying out of such a scheme without external support and warranties; he was a man who would not move even a finger for any member of the Family. Yes, he did enjoy the First President’s trust in him, however, everyone knows how this trust was monetized”.

We were not surprised by the quoted passages (after all it is hard to imagine that the person with such a colorful biography would suddenly change and stop trimming the sails to the wind). What we did find surprising is a new focal point in the explanation of who had orchestrated the January events. Here is what Daniyar Ashimbayev says on this topical, hot and at the same time sensitive matter. 

“The conspiracy was aiming at Tokayev whom many had considered a weak and undecisive person. The massive civil disturbances were supposed to grow into a terrorist attack with the seizing of the cities and arsenals and the destroying of the police forces. The NSC and the army tightly connected with the organized criminal groups, the so-called liberal opposition, the radical groups were on the side of the conspirators. They relied on a well-operating information infrastructure, the media and financial resources, Masimov’s repuration among the state officials and oligarchs but, mainly, the political support of Washington and London”.

This means that the high treason of which former Chief of the NSC and twice Prime Minister Karim Masimov is accused was conducted in the interest of the UK and the USA. In our opinion, this is a scoop of the global size.

One must agree it is very impressive when the CIA or any other U.S. secret service has got such an influential and informed liaison as the NSC Chief!  

Of course, at this point, we should ask the question why the USA and UK secret service needed to carry out this scheme? Here is Mr. Ashimbayev’s answer.

“The goal of our Western “partners” was to not simply form a loyal Kazakh government but turn this government against Russia and China”.

So, it turns out that it was “our Western partners” who, after having failed, chose to take part in the new wave of the information war aimed “to discredit Tokayev”.

And since the topics of “torture” and “occupation” did not take, the following messages became the focal point of the discussion, Ashimbayev believes. Tokayev’s reforms, as they say, are half and half. He is not ready for democracy and “is afraid of the people”. Tokayev does not want to choose with whom to side – the “civilized”, the “Islamic” or “Turkish” world. Allegedly, Tokayev does not enjoy support and trust of the people and “everyone has united against him”.

We are not going to dwell on this subject further since we are still certain that the events of January 2022 were the result of the “explosion” of the protest sentiment in the country. And that Karim Masimov and his deputies were but victims of the understanding between Nursultan Nazarbayev and his successor in Akorda who needed to produce not just any scapegoat but the scapegoat whose culpability would be believable.

One last thing about Ashimbayev’s opus. Our eye has been caught by some praises.

Very loyalist and enthusiastic ones are addressed to Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The disguised and subtle ones – to Tokayev’s Russian colleague Vladimir Putin.

Here is a quote.

“The plan was well thought out just as any undertaking of Masimov’s genius is. They forgot that all Masimov’s reforms and efforts resulted in nothing. Besides, they did not take into consideration the human factor, first of all, the personality of Tokayev who had not only refused to resign his post but removed and arrested Masimov, reached an agreement with Nazarbayev on handing him the Security Council, unexpectedly asked the CSTO for assistance and ordered the loyal to the oath structures of the Ministry of Interior, the National Guard, the SSS and NSC to crash the mutiny”.

Having read this, we have found yet another confirmation that (rephrasing the famous saying about the girl and the village) you can take the man out of the Kazakh authoritarian political system and the “super-presidential” vertical, but you can never take them out of the man who has served them for many years…


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