On the Occasion of Nazarbayev’s Birthday

Yesterday, Nursultan Nazarbayev celebrated his 82-nd birthday. However, only few in the country were ready to wish him best, particularly, in public. So, it is probably for this reason that the Library has decided to take him off to Turkey.

In our opinion, this is quite a sensible decision. The climate in the UAE (the other country that Nazarbayev can visit without a problem) is much more harmful for an older man in poor health (especially in the summer) than Turkey’s seaside.

As for the rest of the countries where the former Elbasy and the members of his family own real estate, they are practically closed for them for, when visiting these countries, they would not be able to observe the safety measures including those related to the health issues.

Apart from that, there may be problems with obtaining the visas since Kazakhstan is considered Russia’s ally albeit a “multi-vector” one.

We are not to forecast who has come or will come to Turkey to congratulate Nursultan Nazarbayev personally and to participate in the celebratory events. According to the pro-Akorda Telegram-channel Nursultansky Solovey (the Nightingale of Nur-Sultan), apart from the family members, the party will be joined by the oligarchs closely connected with the first President.

Here is a fragment from this post.

“It is believed that the celebration of Nazarbayev’s 82-nd birthday will include his three daughters as well as oligarchs Bulat Utemuratov, Vladimir Kim, Alexander Mashkevich and Patokh Shodiyev. Akhmetzhan Esimov, Nurlan Nigmatulin, Imangali Tasmagambetov and Nurtay Abykayev are also expected to join the party. They are all known for being indebted to Nazarbayev in terms of their career and privileged position. All of them are political opponents of today’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, therefore, the honoring of the first President will be invariably followed by a backstage discussion of the social and political situation in the country”.

However, something tells us that the festivities are not going to be very festive. Among other things, due to the fact that not all of the presents Nazarbayev receives are going to be traditional and heartfelt. Some of them are going to be similar to what Radio Azattyk has surprised him with.

On July 5, 2022, this media released an investigative report on the assets owned by the former President and his relatives inside Kazakhstan. 

In our opinion, this is one of the best publications on the subject of how filthy rich Nazarbayev and his clan are and what they actually own produced by both Radio Azattyk and the media in general.

KZ.expert is also sure that the release of this publication was solicitated by certain persons closely tied to Akorda.

Why they chose to do this is quite clear. Firstly, they want to deflect all the blame onto Nursultan Nazarbayev and his organized criminal group; secondly, to exert pressure on the latter (for what purpose – is another question). However, judging by how the events have been unfolding during the past months, it looks like some people have decided to if not “defat” the former leader of the nation and his relatives then “pick some feathers off” them in order to appease the outraged public.

Moreover, we do allow for the possibility that, if Nursultan Nazarbayev and his closest entourage wished to stay in Turkey longer than expected, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and Akorda would have no problem with that. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

Of course, for the former Elbasy himself, such a decision may turn out to be critical because it will speed up the developments that he wishes to avoid. We are talking about the beginning of the search for his assets abroad.

The thing is, we at KZ.expert believe that the assets the public has learned about during the past several months and that are worthy of tens or even hundreds of millions of US dollars and euro are but a trifle in comparison to what is hidden abroad. And not just in the offshore zones but, for instance, in the USA – in securities, all kinds of trusts, treasure bonds. 

And, judging by the fact that any information on these assets has not yet been leaked, they are hidden quite well. In the future publications, as part of the “Unmasking Nazarbayev” project, we will tell you about the two related cases, however, it is still be very little in comparison to what has to be found.

For this reason, the commissions formed by Bulat Abilov and his allies to uncover what the Nazarbayevs stole from the Kazakh citizens would benefit from working closely with investigative reporters and, among other things, from providing them with financial support. That is, of course, if they are actually interested in successful results.

Unfortunately, without heavy expenses, one won’t be able to find the stolen and hidden gigantic sums of money and other assets. As for the other two effective courses of action, they cannot be carried out in Kazakhstan at this point.

This is what we are talking about:

  • the repeating of the special operation conducted by the Kazakh law-enforcement agencies against Ablyazov; the operation that, according to our estimations, has cost the country a billion dollars,
  • the offering of a reward (for instance, 10-20% of the obtained sums of money) to foreign investigative teams. 

Regarding Nursultan Nazarbayev’s birthday, let us offer him best and the hope that he will live to see the day when he stands neck-to-neck with other senior Kazakh citizens and begins living like they do – just on his pension…


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