Aliya Nazarbayeva and the Risks for Akorda

In September, Aliya Nazarbayeva, the youngest daughter of the First President by his first wife, turned up in the Kazakh information space. Her appearance before the people had to do with the book she had written under a promising title “A Place of Power”.

We are not going to analyse and comment on this “work of literature”. First of all, we haven’t read it and, second, we do not have the necessary qualifications. However, we find it necessary to give our political assessment to the literary/educational activities of Nursultan Nazarbayev’s daughter.

Let us start by saying that Aliya Nazarbayeva who had demonstrated her artistic abilities on numerous occasions, for instance, as a movie producer, suddenly chose to share her spiritual experiences with her fellow citizens. The mere fact is quite remarkable.

The thing is that, in the past, Aliya was considered and really was an enfant terrible of her family and quite deservedly so – casual relationships, drugs, skipping from side to side, rudeness towards service employees e t.c. And the information about her escapades reached the ruling elite causing, on one hand, malicious joy, on the other – compassion towards Nazarbayev and his first wife since, for them, the situation was more than difficult.

Now all of this is no longer in the focus of attention. And today Aliya Nazarbayeva is more known in Kazakhstan for her business-activity (mainly in the field of ecology that, de-facto, has been monopolised by her and her affiliated structures that, on top of that, are abusing their unique position).

In view of this, one may assume that it is the excessive energy and self-confidence of Nazarbayev’s third daughter (according to insiders, his most beloved one) that made her choose to do a great favour to the Kazakh citizens and share her spiritual knowledge by putting her experiences on paper.

However, we at believe this decision is going to turn into a mistake since the matter probably lies elsewhere: Aliya Nazarbayeva, just like her relatives, is preparing for the unavoidable passing of her father. And she needs her fellow citizens (at least, the younger generation) to accept her new image. That very image that is being formed right before our eyes, among other things, thanks to her activities as a writer.

Of course, Aliya Nazarbayeva is not likely to be able to change her public image. She herself, her previous life choices and her family that has made her a dollar multi-millionaire (at the very least; some malicious tongues say she is a billionaire) are too odious.

To prove our forecast, let us cite a relatively neutral web-resource – Radio Azattyk. For the past month alone, it has devoted four large and rather critical publications to Aliya Nazarbayeva, her book and PR-activities.

Here they are.

“Nazarbayev’s Daughter Presents a Book in Almaty. Events Canceled due to the Quarantine” (see here);  

“The Presentation of Nazarbayeva’s Book: the SES Studies “The Materials”, SATOP Sees No Violations” (see here);

“The Era of Light” in Aliya Nazarbayeva’s “Spiritual Experiences”, or the Thought of a Person with a “Historic Name” (see here);

“Presenting Nazarbayeva’s Book at the Time of Quarantine: Sanitary Inspector Reports No Violations” (see here).

If a relatively neutral media publishes stuff like that, what can be said about the reaction of Kazakh public when it heard about Aliya Nazarbayeva’s “artistic work”?

We at believe that, if she continues her PR-activities, there is 100% probability that she will get a snowball of remembrances, myths, guessworks and even slander in response.

In view of this, we would like to remind our reader of two cases.

One of them was once published in the Respublika newspaper. We are talking about a story when, under the influence of drugs, Aliya Nazarbayeva tried to leave the premises of her residence driving a car naked. And when an employee of the Presidential Security Staff tried to stop her, she drove him over thus inflicting serious injuries on him.

As for the second case, it is not known to the general public even though it is an open secret.

The thing is that, during the first years of the sovereignty and independence, Aliya Nazarbayeva enjoyed a much greater freedom to do what she wanted. For this reason, in the years 1996-1997, she used to frequent a night club located in the “Tselinny” movie theatre. Of course, she did so in the company of her drug using friends. Note that, back then, the Presidential Security Service did not have the capabilities it has now, so the youngest daughter of the future Elbasy was surrounded by all kinds of personalities including a crime boss known as “Kisa”. He was the very one who provided a crime-sponsored cover to the club.

They did not inform us on the exact reasons why Nazarbayev suddenly made a late telephone call to Zharmakhan Tuyakbay who, back then, was in charge of the State Investigative Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but the head of the state was furious and ordered to get things straight with Aliya’s friends which was done as ordered. As they used to say in certain circles, they were strong-armed to the fullest while Aliya Nazarbayeva was put under house arrest.

According to our insiders, there is a number of stories like that from the times of Aliya’s turbulent youth. And we can predict that they are bound to “crawl out” as she tries to take (keep) a place in Kazakhstan’s political top after the death of her farther. As a result, she is going to become a source of danger for the other representatives of her clan and for other clans as well.


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