The Israeli Ex-Prime Minister Who Wrote to Akim

On June 29, 2021, in our publication on Rakishev and the Clintons, we touched upon the informal contacts that representatives of the Kazakh ruling elite have with influential statesmen and politicians of the West to promote their own interests and the interests of Akorda. 

As you recall, our article was based on the correspondence of Kenes Rakishev and his wife Asel Tasmagambetova with a very large circle of people regarding very sensitive subjects. The correspondence was leaked on the Internet by some yet unidentified hackers.

(We are talking about the body of documents known as Kazaword; read more on it here).

Now, continuing reflecting on this subject, we would like to point out that this kind of unofficial contacts is a two-way street. In other words, it is used not only by the Kazakhs but also by the foreign citizens who understand how Kazakhstan’s state vertical operates and how important it is to maintain good personal relations with whose with power, influence and money.

To illustrate and corroborate our idea, let us cite a letter from Julia Gets, a personal assistance of Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel. Incidentally, in 2014, the Tel-Aviv district court sentenced him to six years in prison and imposed on him a fins of one million shekels for corruption-related crimes committed at the time he was the Mayor of Jerusalem. Later, however, the Supreme Court of Israel reduced the punishment to 18 months.

On June 2, 2014, Julia Gets wrote -

«Dear Kenes Khamitovich,

I am writing to you on behalf on Mr.Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel.

Mr. Olmert is asking you to help him pass along the letter attached to this e-mail to the Akim of Astana, Mr. Tasmagambetov Imangali Nurgaliyevich.

This is very important to Mr. Olmert and I would really appreciate if you could acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail so I could inform Mr. Olmert that Mr. Tasmagambetov would receive his letter.

With the greatest regard,

Julia Gets

Personal assistant of Ehud Olmert».

As for the letter from Ehud Olmert to the then Akim of Almaty, we will present it at the end of this publication so that the Kazakh citizens could learn what made the former Prime Minister of Israel to use Kenes Rakishev as a means to gain access to the latter’s father-in-law.

A letter sent to Kenes Rakishev by certain Benjamin Brahms of Wireless Communications Limited serves as the second proof of the fact that the unofficial contacts between the major representatives of the Kazakh ruling elite and influential statesmen and politicians of the West is a two-way street.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find out which country this company is from. The Internet search has generated several options including the UK albeit, in that country, a company of the same name was founded in 2019. So, it is very likely that we are talking about an Israeli legal body after all. In this case, however, this information is not of vital importance.  

What is important is what Mr. Brahms was requesting and what Kenes Rakishev replied regarding this request. Let us quote the letter ad verbum.

«Dear Kenes,

In view of the fact that our company represents IAI of Israel, I have received the following information: -

A representative of Shield Defence (Gen. Girsh) has requested IAI to sell through them Missile Latham (if you google it, you’ll find out that it is a system of laser guided missiles) to the ministry of defence and asserted that this contract is in the bag.

Would you please find out if such a request exists. (This may translate into hundreds of millions of dollars and it would be a shame if we didn’t earn a commission).

If the ministry makes a request for IAI and we represent it or inform IAI, it would mean we were involved in the receipt of the contract and, therefore, are entitled to receive the commission in full and to blow off the unwanted companies.

For you information. Our company is called Wireless Communications Limited and it has a contract with IAI to operate in Kazakhstan.

Respectfully, Ben».

Kenes Rakishev’s reply was informal and more than brief which shows that he and the author of the letter were in a close and trust-based relationship. «OK, understood, I will find out!».

We would like to stipulate that, in this particular instance, instead of using the connections of his father-in-law Imangali Tasmagambetov, Mr. Rakishev seemed to have employed his own personal channels to find out what was requested. Tasmagambetov was appointed the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan later, in October 2014, whereas the letter and Rakishev’s reply date back to August 31, 2014.

We are not going to go deep into this sensitive topic since our task of toady lies elsewhere. However, the topic of Mr. Rakishev’s arms business and the way his familial connections with the then Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan affected it may turn out to be very interesting.

In conclusion, we would like to repeat what we have written — the very fact that such unofficial communication channels between the members of the Kazakh ruling elite and the representatives of the ruling elites of other countries exist is worthy of attention and must be taken into consideration when forecasting further development of Kazakhstan’s relationships with these countries.


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