Where Does Dariga Nazarbayeva Come In?

On March 30, 2021, Radio Azattyk released a video footage prepared by reporters Aynur Alimov and Sanat Nurbek. It was titled «The Khorgos Scandal: Where Do Dariga Nazarbayeva and Her «Husband» Come In?». Those who wish to know what  the track drivers are complaining about may follow this link. As for us, we are interested in another aspect of the matter.

The thing is that, even though Radio Azattyk (or Radio Free Europe/Radio Svoboda Kazakhstan) claims that «it is independent of any ruling or oppositional political party, emigrant communities, commercial, religious and other organisations», nonetheless, it is clear that it being used as the voice-pipe if not by the White House as such then by the state of the USA and its ruling elite.

And not only because it is funded by the USA budget but because the staff recruitment, task assignment, selection of materials and their editing is performed mainly by US citizens who, in their turn, end up in the Radio Svoboda national editorial offices for a reason, after being purposefully selected for the job. Therefore, we will take the liberty to claim that Radio Azattyk is one of Washington’s foreign policy tools.

But, if this is indeed the case, then the following questions arises — why has Radio Azattyk been assessing the political and business activities of not only Nursultan Nazarbayev (which seems quite logical from the USA foreign policy standpoint) but his eldest daughter Dariga and her family in such a detailed and critical manner? 

It may have to do with the fact that, for the past couple of years, several Radio Azattyk employees hired upon Akorda’s unofficial lobbying have left their job. Presumably, these employees showed their gratitude by suppressing or «cutting off» the materials critically assessing the internal political moves of the Elbasy and his allies.

However, we at KZ.expert believe, that placing the «blame» for the change in Azattyk’s editorial policy exclusively on this «exodus» would be a political error. It is likely that something else is at play here — the USA is trying to exert pressure (soft pressure, at this point) on the Kazakh ruling elite.

If that is the case, selecting Dariga Nazarbayeva if not as one of the main victims then as a person of interest seems a very sensible and shrewd decision. First and foremost, due to the fact that the Elbasy’s eldest daughter and her family members provide great opportunities for feeding such interest on a constant basis.

As a case in point, let us recall the story of the über-lucrative London real estate owned by Dariga Nazarbayeva and her eldest son Nurali Aliyev. Not to mention the emigration, the scandalous statements and, finally, the death of Aysultan Nazarbayev in London.

We have touched upon this subject a number of times (last time, in the article «Bearing Down on Nazarbayev’s Clan in a Big Way of December 23, 2020). Here is the conclusion we reach in the article -

 «Considering that, for the past several years, the geopolitical conflict has escalated drastically and the two tension clusters have been formed between the USA on one hand and Russia and China on the other; and given that Kazakhstan does not simply share borders with the latter but is placed between these two countries, it looks like Radio Azattyk’s critical standing regarding the Library, Nursultan Nazarbayev and his clan is going to exist for quite some time».

And Radio Azattyk’s video footage «The Khorgos Scandal: Where Do Dariga Nazarbayeva and Her «Husband» Come In?» serves as yet another confirmation of our idea.

Right now, however, we are concerned with a more important issue — will Radio Azattyk limit its area of interest to Dariga Nazarbayeva, her eldest son Nurali Aliyev and her husband Kayrat Sharipbayev?

Or will it also get interested in Timur Kulibayev, his wife and tokal (unofficial «second» wife according to the Kazakh tradition) as well as Nursultan Nazarbayev’s third wife and their eldest son who, rumour has it, is now residing in London and leading quite a high-profile life?

Why are we so concerned with these questions? Because, from the standpoint of internal policy, Dariga Nazarbayeva has been tried and tested to the fullest.   

And even though she is now a deputy of the Mazhilis and has some valuable human, material and information resources at her disposal, her chances of becoming her father’s successor at the presidential post are close to a zero.

It looks like the Library has realised that the attitude of the rather patriarchal Kazakh society to Ms. Nazarbayeva as the Elbasy’s daughter, a person and a politician is more than critical. Moreover, according to our insiders, Akorda and the Library did not try too hard helping Dariga Nursultanovna when she was experiencing so many misfortunes and she had to dig herself out of that hole herself.

So, we are looking forward to Radio Azattyk switching from covering Dariga Nazarbayeva’s political and business activities to covering the political and business operations of other close relatives of Nursultan Nazarbayev. And we are waiting expectantly for the time when it starts criticising the Elbasy himself simultaneously revealing information on the corruption schemes he has been involved in; the information of which, we have a feeling, the US state agencies have plenty.


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