About Dariga Nazarbayeva’s Son-In-Law

On March 25, 2021, Radio Azattyk announced that the death of Aysultan Nazarbayev, Dariga Nazarbayeva’s second son and Nursultan Nazarbayev’s grandson, that occurred on August 16, 2020, in London had no criminal trail. Thus, they put a stop to the scandalous story that had been tormenting the Elbasy’s clan for many years.

From the standpoint of internal policy, the news from the U.K. means that the Elbasy and his circle have cleared themselves (or almost cleared themselves) of suspicions that it was they who «ordered» to kill Aysultan Nazarbayev the same way they ordered to kill his father Rakhat Aliyev before.

And even though we have no reason not to believe the conclusions of Senior Coroner Fiona Wilcox, we do allow for the possibility that she might have been mistaken. For even if the death of Aysultan Nazarbayev resulted from overdose of cocaine that he had been using for many years, someone may have helped him to depart from this life by, for instance, giving him a large dose of drugs at the wrong moment or refusing to provide him the required aid.

Nonetheless, the verdict of the U.K. coroner will allow Dariga Nazarbayeva and Nurali Aliyev if not improve their image in the eyes of the Kazakh society (which, as we at KZ.expert believe it practically impossible) then at least not to look so odious in the eyes of the British press, civic society and officials. And this is very important considering that both own luxurious real estate in the U.K.

Apart from that, because of his death, Aysultan Nazarbayev, a person who used to not only attract attention of reporters and Internet-activists but serve as the cause for such big scandals that it was impossible to hush them up, has disappeared from the country’s information space.

However, it looks like it is still too early for Dariga Nazarbayeva to relax. The thing is that, based on information provided by our insiders, Aysultan Nazarbayev is about to be replaced by another one of her close relatives as the universal pet peeve.

We are talking about Dalen Chayzhunusov, the husband of Dariga’s daughter Venera.

Dariga Nazarbayeva’s daughter and son-in-law. Photo from Nurali Aliyev’s Instagram page

(For more info about the couple, click here and here — texts available in Russian). 

The thing is that Dalen and his wife reside mostly in the United Arab Emirates. By the way, Dauren Abdykhamitov, one of the main defendants in the über-scandalous criminal case related to Astana LRT (you can find more info on the man and his story in this publication) had been looking after the couple there for a number of years.

Now then, allegedly, officials from the quasi-governmental companies have been sending the Kazakh firms interested in participating in Expo-2020 Dubai to Dalen Chayzhunusov and his people. The latter, in their turn, are demanding the businessmen to pay «material compensation» or «admission fee» for the right to participate in the project.

At this point, we cannot say in what way Dalen Chayzhunusov is connected to Kazakhstan’s involvement in Expo 2020 Dubai. But, according to our insiders, he is engaged in doing private business and owns several companies.  

Upon conducting an online research, we have found out that Dalen Chauzhunusov is related to Allen Chayzhunusov, the Chairman of the Management Board of QazExpoCongress JSC NC. (According to some sources, Allen is Dalen’s uncle). So, it is quite possible that it was Allen who had assisted his relative. Especially since the latter ‘s familial ties may be very useful to the former. 

If we are to believe an inside released by Telegram-channel Uzyn Qulaq, Allen Chayzhunusov has got quite a few enemies not only because he occupies a top position in a national company and manages big bucks but due to his improper conduct as well.

We don’t know if the latter is true, we haven’t been there. However, in Kazakhstan, rumours tend to turn into a truth even more shocking than a casual observer would believe.


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