Bearing Down On Nazarbayev’s Clan In a Big Way

On December 22, 2020, Radio Azattyk gave a Christmas «present» to the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the «Leader of the Nation» Nursultan Nazarbayev and to the members of his big family by publishing a review of the real estate properties they own titled «Geneva, Cannes, New York and More: Nazarbayevs’ Luxurious Homes».

One must admit that the material is quite impressive. Not in terms of its content (since all the information presented in it has already been made public by other resources including those of the UK, Switzerland, Spain as well as by the Respublika portal, the K-Plus TV-channel, Telegram channel «Vykhod k morgue) but in terms of the fact that all the data has been collected in a single article and illustrated beautifully. At the age of computerisation, this kind of presentation is much-in-demand since it is easier to comprehend.

Of course, for the Kazakh audience, this resonant publication says nothing new — the Kazakh citizens are well aware of who has stolen (appropriated, taken) most of the state (national) property and monetary resources. Moreover, we strongly suspect that this fact disturbs a relatively small number of Kazakhs. The rest is just envious that they themselves were unable to get closer to «the feeding station». 

Nonetheless, we believe this publication to be indicative since it gives us hope that Radio Azattyk and its head structure Radio Svobodnaya Evropa/Radio Svoboda have started the process of freeing themselves from the influence of Akorda that, in the past, had managed to «charm» this media corporation with the help of its «spies» of whom Galym Bokash was the most notorious and influential one (for more details, click here and here — texts available in Russian).

Considering that, for the past several years, the geopolitical conflict has escalated drastically and the two tension clusters have been formed between the USA on one hand and Russia and China on the other; and given that Kazakhstan does not simply share borders with the latter but is placed between these two countries, it looks like Radio Azattyk’s critical standing regarding the Library, Nursultan Nazarbayev and his clan is going to exist for quite some time.

Earlier, in our publication «Why’s Biden’s Victory Important for the Library», we have pointed out that -

«If the U.S. finds it politically necessary to turn the territory between Russia and China into a space dividing these two states or at least becoming their headache, the White House (regardless who the President is) may take even the toughest and most unexpected steps. For instance, impose sanctions against Akorda’s and the Library’s officials or start arresting their properties around the globe since all the big shadow operations related to the stealing of the state assets were conducted in the U.S. dollars». 

Of course, a long way needs to be travelled from Radio Azattyk’s objective and critical publications to the arrests of the properties and bank accounts. But the very fact that the media structure that represents and promotes the U.S. interests around the globe is prepared to disregard the discontent of Nursultan Nazarbayev’s relatives by publishing materials on the clan’s fortune speaks volumes.

And this does give us hope because the new U.S. administration does not need to search for compromising materials against the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan far away from home. They just need to go back to Nursultan Nazarbayev’s deals with Chevron as part of which the former had arranged to pay a commission fee to himself.

No one except the Elbasy and his trusted persons knows how much he had «earned» as part of this contract. But, for the White House, it’s no brainier to find out both the amount and the terms on which Kazakhgate was settled. And if, to solve the external political problems, the U.S. authorities find it necessary to reanimate the first Kazakhgate or launch the second one, they will do it.

Somehow, we are certain that, if this happens, Nursultan Nazarbayev’s people won’t be able to resolve the issue the way they managed to the last time. 

P.S. Since we have at our disposal the text of the first contract (or, to be more precise, one of the latest drafts of the final agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Chevron), it would be interesting to compare how the terms of the agreement changed between Nursultan Nazarbayev or the person who replaced him as the unofficial recipient of the commission fee.

Screens made from photos published on Radio Azattyk website


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