About Baker Street and Dariga Nazarbayeva

Citing the Times publication, several Kazakh media have simultaneously informed the public that Dariga Nazarbayeva and her eldest son Nurali Aliyev own (owned) houses on the famous Baker Street where the Sherlock Holmes Museum is located.

And this is not counting the three expensive real estate properties that have earlier become the reason for the NCA investigation in the UK. 

Here is a quote from a Radio Azattyk article titled “The Times: the London “House of Sherlock Holmes” Was Owned by Dariga Nazarbayeva and Her Son” (text in bold by KZ.expert).

“The newspaper reported that it had had an opportunity to study certain correspondence and can now state that this house as well as the other properties and the land between 215 and 217 Baker Street, London, was owned by Dariga Nazarbayeva (90%) and Nurali Aliyev (10%) in 2005.    

The total value of these assets, according to The Times, amounts to about 140 mln pounds sterling (about US$185 mln).

The Times reports that Farmont Baker Street Limited is the current owner of the building. According to the register of properties, the company purchased this real estate in 2005. Now Farmont Baker Street Limited is owned by another company located in the United Arab Emirates.

The properties of Dariga Nazarbayva and Nurali Aliyev have already attracted the interest of the UK media and the country’s law-enforcement agencies this year due to the UWOs discharged against the two luxurious mansions and the London flat total value of which amounts to 80 mln pounds (about US$103.8 mln)”.

We at KZ.expert believe that The Times article puts a big fat end to Dariga Nazarbayeva’s political future.

We have written a lot on this – the subject that is extremely sensitive for the Library and Nursultan Nazarbayev personally. The response on the part of the UK attorneys representing Mrs. Nazarbayeva and the members of her family shows just how sensitive this subject is. In 2020 alone, KZ.expert has released the following materials (not counting the series of the articles devoted to the political fate of the Elbasy’s eldest daughter written after her dismissal from the post Head of the Senate) -

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And this is but a part of what we would like to publish and comment on.

For this reason, we attach such a great importance to The Times publication even though it reveals nothing particularly new. However, it does show that the British media and reporters continue to follow the trail; therefore, the likelihood that, someday, they will uncover the truth has increased dramatically. And our belief is, when this happens, Dariga Nazarbayeva and Nurali Aliyev will have zero chance for defending their interests in the UK.

Right now, we would like to call the readers’ attention to the fact that, in 2005, the eldest daughter and grandson of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the “Leader of the Nation” bought the London real estate properties whose market value currently amounts to about US$300 mln. Back then, they didn’t not cost as much, of course, but the size of the investments is still quite impressive.

We would also like to underscore that all these purchases had been made within  a short time period.

Add to it the other purchases Dariga Nazarbayeva and Rakhat Aliyev’s family made that same year, and one cannot but conclude that they had suddenly received very large sums of money.

From whom and for what – that’s the question.

The answer to this question should become the main goal for the investigators and, as soon as it is obtained, the scandal is bound to get not simply big but global.

Moreover, the scandal cannot but affect Nursultan Nazarbayev personally since it was he who approved (it could not have happened any other way) all the large-scale business-operations. The very ones thanks to which his three eldest daughters and their husbands (both former and current ones) have become uber-rich people.

Under these circumstances, Nursultan Nazarbayev is likely to try and keep his eldest daughter away from the political arena as much as possible so that she won’t provoke attacks against her including those made by using the compromising affairs of the past. So that she won’t drag Nazarbayev himself down to the political abyss with her.


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