On Kenes Rakishev’s Complicated Future

In our commentary on a Forbes Kazakhstan publication resonantly titled «The Devil’s Dozen: Who Among Those on Forbes Kazakhstan 2020 List Have Increased Their Fortune during the COVID Year», we have noted that, amid the pandemic, the escalation of the situation in Kyrgyzstan and Belarus as well as the intensification of the geopolitical conflict of the West with China and Russia, naming the names of those who have profited during the «COVID year» seems like a setup trap.

While on the subject, let us point out that Kenes Rakishev is the one whom Forbes Kazakhstan calls the most flourishing money man.

Here is a quote (text in bold hereinafter by KZ.expert).

«The devil’s dozen is led by Kenes Rakishev who has moved up on the lost from the 7th to the 6th position, and has added 280 $ mln to his fortune: the 610 $ mln that he possessed have become 890 $ mln. Rakishev’s assets include 100% of Fincraft Group LLP  (29% of BTA Bank JSC were handed over as a capital contribution; 68.8% were placed into trust without transferring the title). Apart from that, in July 2019, Rakishev sold 22,5% of the Russian gold mining company Petropavlovsk to Roman Trotsenko whose name appears on the Forbes Russia list. However, according to the Kommersant data, the Kazakh businessman intends to come back to the Russian mining industry and is considering a possibility of purchasing three Far East mines».

It looks like the son-in-law of former Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Russia Imangali Tasmagambetov is now operating and earning money, most of all, in Russia. With that, if we are to believe Forbes Kazakhstan’s assessments, he does so more than successfully. Apart from the setup publication, this fact can be confirmed by the two recent negative information leaks.

The first one was published on Telegram channel Vykhod k moruy that, in its turn, references an investigation of a Russian publication called «Project». Let us quote the most interesting passages.

«The owner of the Fincraft Group and Imangali Tasmagambetov’s son-in-law, Kenes Rakishev, has popped up again as a figurant of the investigation conducted by the Project. The journalists claim that Rakishev was one of those who had been using the lobbyist powers of Kseniya Sobchak’s family and of her mother, Senator Luydmila Narusova. In particular, the relatives of former Saint-Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak in whose Administration Vladimir Putin had begun his political career were trying to hush up the conflict related to the shooting near a Moscow restaurant Elements owned by Zhanna Kim, also a Kazakhstan native. The lobbying services have not been performed for free but in exchange for the contributions into the Anatoly Sobchak Fund chaired by Luydmila Narusova».

«Kenes Rakishev’s company Net Element (similar in title with Zhanna Kim’s restaurant) had already been mentioned in another Project’s investigation. Rakishev’s Element 1 partner Oleg Firer who emigrated to the USA from Odessa has, quote astonishingly, become the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to Russia. Pavel Krotov, one of Ramzan Kadyrov’s proxies, who helps Rakishev solving the problems related to his business in Russia has become another representative of the diplomatic mission of the island state. It is the people connected to the Chechnya authorities that had helped Rakishev in getting back the Russian BTA Bank’s assets (the bank previously belonged to runaway Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov). Perhaps it is for this help that Rakishev whose friendship with Ramzan Kadyrov is by no means a secret has paid via his share in the Vitino oil port in the Murmansk region.

The investigation does not mention the exact size of the share but, by the looks of it, the controlling stake has returned to the BTA balance». 

The second information leak was made yesterday by Aydos and Natalya Sadykovs, Kazakh fugitives who have been granted political asylum in Ukraine and who have a very popular YouTube channel called Base. On this channel, they have released a video and acidly commented on a photo of Kenes Rakishev in the company of the NSA Chief Karin Masimov, the US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his notorious son Hunter.

Below is Natalya Sadykova’s post published on her Facebook page:

«Nothing special, just a photo. Multimillionaire and Tasmagambetov’s son-in-law Kenes Rakishev and the NSC Chief Karim Masimov with the US presidential nominee Joe Baiden and his son Hunter.

All the last week the Western media had been relishing the details of how the Biden family was helping Rakishev to legalise himself in the US and buy real estate.

This photo roaming from one publication to another may seriously damage the reputation of the so far leading Joe Biden who, as it turns out, had been connected to the people from the inner circle of Kazakhstan’s dictator Nazarbayev. Our quick mare is in time everywhere, even when we are talking about compromising reputations of American politicians.

Video BASE here: https://youtu.be/C35-lcGj_Xk».

We at KZ.expert believe that all these things are not coincidental. And the fact that, after a certain quiet caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and (or) special efforts on the part of the trusted persons, Russia and Ukraine, once again, are talking about Kenes Rakishev shows that not only does the latter thrive in business there but he also snaps at somebody’s heels.

In view of this, we forecast that the number of negative or even compromising publications on Rakishev is going to grow. Especially since Forbes Kazakhstan, when assessing Rakishev’s fortune, relied on the official data only not taking into consideration the numerous offshores and secret bank accounts controlled by the businessman and his teammates.

Apart from that, the general public is still unaware of the contacts Rakishev had had with Bill and Hillary Clinton as part of solving his own and Akorda’s private problems. Therefore, it is quite feasible that the will learn a lot of new things about the son-in-law of «the Nazarbayev Product» in the future.

Watch the BASE video below:


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