The League’s Rocky Start

On June 17, 2020, Kazakhstan acquired a new civil movement set out to solve a noble task of helping the «ruling» party Nur Otan to get a fresh start on the eve of the upcoming parliamentary and the local representative bodies election. 

According to the movement’s informal leader Erlan Sairov, the members of the association want to raise a «huge layer of the problematic issues and address them directly to the party members» while serving as «a bridge between the country’s leading party and the people as well as exercising the public control for they intent to monitor the problem solving on a constant basis».

In our publication called What’s the Point of the League of Nur Otan Supporters, we have supported the initiative since, if the project is to be  implemented on the promised scale, it «first of all, will create yet another communication channel between the Kazakh society and the authorities (albeit a short-lived and not a very efficient one) and, second of all, liven up the discussion since, as a rule, having a dispute with officials is not particularly interesting and effective».

So, recently, the members of the League of the ruling party supporters have started to fulfil their sounding promises. It happened on July 27, 2020, in the zoom-conference format.

Alas, we were disappointed. If only because the event turned out to be rather dull from the ideological standpoint and, most importantly, uninteresting for the general public. Yes, the League members and the invited guests did discuss two questions but a discussion as such did not materialise. It was simply a presentation of the positions of the speakers or, to be more precise, of the answers to the questions asked by Erlan Sairov.

The only speech that stood out both in terms of the emotion and the profoundness of the demands belonged to the person of whom no one expected anything like that. We are talking the eldest participant of the discussion, ex-Minister and former Presidential Aide Ermukhamet Ertysbayev (who, be the way, has already been dismissed as a spent force by Akorda).

Of course, some may not agree with us, however, if there are people willing to spend 56 minutes and 9 seconds of their time to see the zoom-conference video, then spend several hours to read the materials devoted to the event in the Kazakh press and form a different opinion, we are prepared to publish their point of view.

To help these volunteers, let us reference here the links to several publications (by way of free advertising of the League of Nur Otan Supporters):

We are purposefully referencing these links in order to attract as much attention to the League’s operations both inside Kazakhstan and beyond as possible. The thing is that this political project is unique for Kazakhstan since it is set out, in some way, to revive the «ruling» political association and somehow humanise it.

Of course, the likelihood of this happening is close to a zero. And not only because the people are more than indifferent towards Nur Otan but also due to the fact that the political experts and the civic leaders that have become the League members, so far, do not differ from the party they are supporting. With the exception, let us repeat, of Mr. Ertysbayev.

Another issue lies in the fact that, at this point, Kazakhstan doesn’t seem to have anyone wishing to join the debates with Erlan Sairov and his comrades. The reasons for such indifference are clear: there is no point in debating the views of Nur Otan’s fellow-travellers when one has an opportunity to troll and even «kick» the «ruling» party itself. This has been beautifully demonstrated by human rights activist Bakhytzhan Toregozhina who, together with her assistants, has held a great information campaign on Facebook on how the deputies of the Kazakh Parliament (most of whom are Nur Otan members) are spending the current summer.

Therefore, we eagerly waiting for both the further acts on the part of the League of Nur Otan supporters and the possible responses on the part of Akorda and the Library’s opponents. However, something tells us that, if the Presidential Administration represented by its Head Dauren Abayev and the Nur Otan party represented by its First Deputy Head Baurzhan Baybek will not try and find new subjects, slogans and opponents for the League, this internal political project is doomed to fail. And the only positive thing about it will lie in the fact that it will have helped identifying the ruling party’s hidden supporters who, up until now, have pretended to be neutral and independent.


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