Why Keksel Left

Back in May, the KazTAG agency announced that Olesya Keksel who had previously served as the head of the Service of Special Prosecutors at the Public Prosecution Office retired from the agency and left Kazakhstan to an undisclosed location. First, this became known from the posts on social media where Keksel was characterized as a «protégé» of former Attorney General and current deputy of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament Kayrat Kozhamzharov.

Let us remind you that the aforementioned person has become widely known as the head of the investigative team involved in the high-profile criminal cases of Prime Minster of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov, the Ministers of National Economy and Healthcare Kuandyk Bishimbayev and Zhaksylyk Doskaliyev.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find Olesya Keksel’s bio in the official sources, so, to those who is interested in this subject, we can only offer a publication in newspaper Vremya. And you can see the Senior Councilor of Justice in her interview given to Informburo.

By the way, according to newspaper Vremya, apart from Ms. Keksel, the Public Prosecution Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan was simultaneously left by Maksat Duysenov and Talgat Tatubayev. They were in charge of the transportation prosecution and the criminal prosecution service.

Also, the article informs that «after the replacement of the Attorney General, about 100 employees of the agency had immediately filed letters of dismissal. Judging by the official sites of the Public Prosecution Office and the regional prosecution agencies, most requests were granted».

This sketchy information allows to come to a conclusion that new Attorney General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gizat Nurdauletov (who is, by the way, an NSC «native») has cardinally «cleaned» the agency off the proteges of his predecessor Kayrat Kozhamzharov. And, at the same time, reorganized it. For instance, the Service of Special Prosecutors no longer exists at the Public Prosecution Office.

A little later, in June, citing Kazakh attorney Zhan Kunserkin, KazTag informed that Olesya Keksel was residing in Germany. According to the attorney, it was she who was in charge of the case of his client Gulnara Musabayeva, a niece of Kazakhstan’s astronaut #2 involved in high-profile scandals Talgat Musabayev and it was she who «demanded that Musabayeva testified in regard to the persons well-known in the country». It is for this reason that Zhan Kunserkin and other lawyers would want Keksel to give her comments on the said facts from Germany and explain what she was doing there.

The resignations of Olesya Keksel, Maksat Duysenov, Talgat Tatubayev and many other employees of the Public Prosecution Office as well as the closing of the criminal case against Gulnara Musabayeva on October 3, 2019 (because the statute of limitation has expired), in our opinion, demonstrate the defeat of former Attorney General Kayrat Kozhamzharov in the intra-elite confrontation with his opponents.

What is important to note is that his defeat did not translate into criminal cases against Kozhamzharov and his «protégé» and he himself has received an opportunity to «sit it out» in the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament.

In the meantime, if we are to believe our insiders, the opponents have plenty of reasons to hold the defeated (including Ms. Keksel) criminally responsible. And the fact that Keksel has left the country without any problems shows that those involved in the conflict have either concluded a truce or that someone has forced them to do so.

The fact that Olesya Keksel has emigrated to Germany shows that she chose not to risk remaining in the country where one can talk of justice only in theory while you can be found guilty at any given moment.

We do not have information as to where Maksat Duysenov and Talgat Tatubayev are residing at present. As for Gulnara Musabayeva who, through her husband Viktor Morozov, was involved in the disappearance of the gigantic sums borrowed from Qazkom and other banks, it looks like she will manage to walk away with a slap on the wrist.

Once again, all these facts confirm that, in Kazakhstan, the rule of law exists only in theory while connections are the key factor that exerts the decisive influence on everyone and everything including justice. It is not important whether these connections are family, business, criminal or work-related, they allow to solve all or almost all the problems.


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