Project Kazakhstan 2.0 operates based on the financial support of different organizations and individuals.

It is an expert venue that accumulates the outlooks on what is happening in Kazakhstan today in order to make the country better tomorrow and to expedite the time of change as quickly as we can. Among other things, our project offers something no one in Kazakhstan does - high-quality analysis, research, investigations.

If you do not wish to put up with the way the authoritarian power and corruption are crippling the lives of the simple people, if you are interested in a better future for Kazakhstan, supporting project Kazakhstan 2.0 may become your opportunity to turn things around.

Absolutely anyone can help us. For example, via PayPal.

For our part, we promise:

- to use your donations as efficiently as possible so that they pay off to the fullest,

- to respect your possible desire to give the money towards specific areas of our work,

- to guarantee the complete confidentiality of your personal data and not to give your personal information to other organizations.

We will gratefully accept any help.

To discuss the possibility of making a large donation and other matters related to the financial support, you can reach us at


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