KazakhSTAN 2.0 expert portal (domen kz.expert, e-mail [email protected]) operates under the aegis of CA ANALYSIS & RESEARCH CENTER (non-profit organization), registered in February 2017 in the UK (Company Number 10623840).

CAA&RC specializes in the subject of Central Asia with an emphasis on Kazakhstan.

The Center’s tasks involve:

  • analyzing, predicting and modeling future developments in Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
  • expertly evaluating events, decisions and actions;
  • working out concrete recommendations;
  • political and economic consulting.

Also, CAA&RC offers a venue for discussing topical issues – KazakhSTAN 2.0 expert portal was launched for this very purpose (see Why We Are Launching KazakhSTAN 2.0).

All the CCA&RC projects aim to support the regional initiatives that help to prevent the radicalization of Central Asia and assist the develop of democratic values through increasing the level of critical media-consumption by the civil society and the expert community as well as by state servants and state-level decision-makers.

You can contact CAA&RC via [email protected].

You can contact KazakhSTAN 2.0 via [email protected].