Maylibaev’s case is almost over

Investigation of the case of the former deputy head of the presidential administration Baglan Maylibaev is coming to a close, but there is still a lack of information on it. This probably, is one of the most resonant cases in recent times and of the least transparent.

From the official release of the Committee on national security of RK it is only known that Baglan Maylibaev and his former employee N. Galikhin were apprehended on January 12 2017 on the suspicion of committing a crime, mentioned in the part 1,3 of article 185 of the criminal code of RK, i.e. “Illegal collection, distribution and divulging of government secrets”.

After on Jan. 14 2017 Esil regional court of Astana gave sanctions to arrest Maylibaev and Galikhin for the term of two months, there was no other information on it. Thus, there are still a lot of talks on the subject in Kazakhstani society, especially among government officials. Among others, there were conjectures that Maylibaev had close work and personal ties with higher-ups in the RF’s presidential administration, and that Kremlin stood up for him. He expressed our opinion on the subject back in january in the inside called “On the Maylibaev’s case and dirty tricks against Akorda”.

On march 1st 2017, we spoke of how, based on our information, Baglan Maylibaev fully admitted his guilt (see On Maylibaev’s mafia and the elite’s war). We cite “Based on the existing information, Mailybaev has admitted his guilt. Moreover, he has admitted to embezzling government funds, through a system of government contracts for ideological work. This is why the investigation has several priate firms and funds in their field of view including Korkem Film movie company. Thus, they are treating it as a case of organized crime”. However this information wasn’t officially confirmed.

Looks like Baglan Maylibaev and his defenders as well as those who support him, weren’t able to solve the problem behind the scenes. As we were told recently, criminal case on the facts of illegal collection, distribution and divulging of government secrets is over. Thus the investigation team has concentrated on finishing up of the commercial aprt of the accusation, i.e. stealing of government funds, which due to necessity of conducting inspections, receiving audit conclusions and questioning of other related people, demands serious man-hours and time.

Nonetheless, based on our information, accusing statement is already being prepared, so we can expect that in a short time period it will go to prosecutor’s office. Evidently the court case of Maylibaev and Galikhin will be closed, since this is the case of divulging of government secrets, and it will most likely start after the birthday of Nazarbaev. It is expected that the sentence will accusatory and will be announced before the end of summer, but it isn’t possible to tell what the former deputy head of administration will get – real prison sentence or just a probation.


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