Nigmatulin’s fall from grace

In the backdrop of the summit of member-states of the Shanghai cooperation organization in Astana, that has already been called a historic one in the media, and then EXPO 2017 public’s attention to domestic policy processes has somewhat weakened. At the same time they are developing at never before seen speed.

Recently it has become known that one of the key political figures in Akorda, more precisely chairman of the Majilis of parliament of RK Nurlan Nigmatulin has been deprived of access to the head of the state and leader of the nation, N. Nazarbaev.

Based on information from our sources, the reason was that Nigmatulin’s relative, famous entrepreneur Dinmuhamet Idrisov (11th place in the list of richest businesspeople of Kazakhstan based on “Forbes Kazakhstan”) in of his phone calls carelessly called Nurlan Nigmatulin the next “number one”, which was recorded by those “who listen”.

Evidently, if Nigmatulin will not be able to make a case for himself before Nazarbaev, his political career is over.

The possibility of such outcome is also bolstered by the fact that, in his tenure as the head of presidential administration of RK and then of the lower chamber of parliament, Nigmatulin worked hardball and without much thought, as a result the number of his and his brother Erlan Nigmatulin’s political opponents has risen dramatically. Also the arrests and convictions first of the former prime-minister of RK Serik Akhmetov and then chairman of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan Seitkazy Mataev, sped up consolidation of opponents of the speaker of Majilis.

Due to this, there is a high possibility that with combined efforts, political opponents of Nigmatulin will be able to if not accuse him of the attempt to replace Nazarbaev from presidential position and take his place, then at least prove his disrespect to the leader of the nation and an attempt to play his own game with unclear goals.

Thus, it isn’t ruled out that already this year, another possible candidate successor for the seat of head of the state will be kicked out from the power line up and will be deprived not only of his high government position, allies and property but also of freedom.

With all the sensational nature of such development of events it is quite possible given the recent Kazakh practices. However, nobody can take up the task of predicting what Nazarbaev will decide in the end, since he will be basing his action on the necessity to preserve balance in Akorda. Then, Nigmatulin will have all the chances to keep his position, because president won’t want to bolster his opponents.


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