On Maylibaev’s lobby

It is possible that Baglan Maylibaev won’t get away with just a prison sentence. Based on our information, a new criminal investigation is in process against him, started by anti-corruption agency. It is talking about embezzling of government funds in large amounts.

We already told our readers (see Sentence to Maylibaev) that on june 13th 2017 Esel rayon court no2 of Astana has sentenced former deputy head of the administration of the president of RK B. Maylibaev to five years with confiscation of property and life-long ban on the right of occupying state positions. His assistant, former deputy head of AP N. Galikhin was sentenced to four-year probation with 3 year ban.

Maylibaev was found guilty of committing crimes, stipulated by part 4 of article 361 and part 3 of article 185 of criminal code of RK. Galikhin was incriminated with only part 3 of article 185 of criminal code, i.e. divulging of information considered government secrets, by the person, who was trusted with them due to their service, work, or due to other stipulated grounds by the RK, with the absence of signs of government treason” which nonetheless “led to cause of serious damage and onset of other results”.

As for part 4 of article 361 of CC of RK “Abuse of work position” charged only to Maylibaev, it stipulates  a punishment for “Use, by an individual authorized with implementation of government functions, or equal to such position, of employee privilege against the interests of his work with the goal of acquiring benefits and advantages for himself or other people or organizations or causing harm to other people, or organizations, if it caused considerable harm to rights and legal interests of citizens or organizations” “caused by person assuming important government positon” done in “interest of crime group”.

Nonetheless, based on our information, despite the sentence, charged on june 13 of 2017, criminal case with regards to Maylibaev’s activity continues, but now not by CNS, but by RK agency on government Service affairs and counteracting corruption. We are talking about embezzlement of state funds in large quantities during placement and implementing of government contracts.

Due to this it isn’t unlikely that in some time, former deputy head of administration of president of RK may be иbrought to trial again, but now for corruption and embezzlement. But this is unlikely.

As our sources said, Baglanov had some quite influential figures in Akorda talk in his defense, striving to first of all to minimize political harm to them, from this scandalous case, and secondly to not let those groups that facilitated the fall of such powerful official, power up. What will come of it yet unknown.


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