On Kajamjarov’s retreat into the shadow

In modern Kazakhstan, level of activity of high-level government workers in the media is similar to the place that their counterparts in the Soviet Union occupied at the tribune of the Masoleum during demonstrations at the Red Square in Moscow or presidiums of various convocations. The former and the latter indirectly speak of the political well-being of an individual figure and most importantly of where its career is headed up or down.

This is why an almost complete disappearance from the field of view of the chairman of the RK Agency on government affairs and counteraction of corruption, Kairat Kojamjarov catches the eye. Even in cases when the event is conducted by the agency, the facilitator for it is usually his assistant Alik Shpekbaev. Clearly this isn’t a coincidence but rather a clear attempt to leave the field of view of the press, society and colleagues in government sector.

Based on our information, what is going on is the result of pressure on Kojamjarov form his multiple adversaries, opponents and bad-wishers. Including through the criminal case, started against Talgat Makhatov on the charge of murder of customs service worker M. Jamashev. (More detail on it in the article “Who dared, went to prison?” in the newspaper “Vremya” from July 19 2017).

The thing is that apprehension, arrest and further incrimination within the framework of the Horgos case of the high-ranking officials of the Committee of national security RK and Customs committee of the ministry of finance of RK cause massive irritation not only among individual high-ranking officials, in charge of those structures, but also among employees in general. This is why as soon as the opportunity arose to “respond” to financial police and their head Kairat Kojomjarov, they jumped on it immediately.

Considering that recently CNS of RK got the right to investigate corrupt crimes committed by employees of the Agency of RK on issues of government work and counteracting corruption, abilities of political enemies, opponents and bad-wishers of Kairat Kojamjarov dramatically increased, which means that he can only be saved by direct support from the very top. But its not granted Nazarbaev will go for it.


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