Who is lobbying for Dosaev?

At the end of August, president of Kazakhstan has appointed two new vice ministers – Erbolat Dosaev and Askar Jumagaliev. From that day on, the head of the government Bakhytjan Sagintaev had not two but four deputies.

From the words of the prime-minister, Dosaev will be in charge of the economy, including coordination of projects on its modernization, while Jumagaliev will oversee works on digitizing the country.

At the same time, according to information from our sources, the initiative of increasing the number of vice PMs came from Sagintaev himself. In conditions when management of economy in general, as well as getting it out of the crisis and modernizing it, is done de facto manually, prime minister and his two deputies couldn’t handle the barrage of documents, goals and problems.

Another issue is that the head of the government was only able to lobby for appointment of Askar Jumagaliev. Second new vice PM, Erbolat Dosaev, received his position exclusively because of the support of Dariga Nazarbaeva the eldest daughter of the leader of the nation.

As for future employee reshufflings, based on insider forecasts they are expected soon, but we shouldn’t expect resignation of the government this fall, there will only be isolated changes with the goal of improving the work of current cabinet, improving management structure of the economy and balancing elite groups.


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