Mystery of Case against Tasmagambetov

It looks like the «oil prince» Timur Kulibayev is not the only one among the ruling Kazakhstan elite who has found himself at risk. Based on the insider information, the same kind of a special op has also started against the current Kazakhstan Ambassador to Russia Imangali Tasmagambetov. Compromising materials are being collected against the other persons as well.

In the article «The Mystery of Maksatbekuulu Trial», we reach a conclusion that certain political opponents of Timur Kulibayev have obtained the compromising materials that allow to accuse Nursultan Nazarbayev’s son-in-law of embezzling BTA Bank’s assets and, therefore, to try not only to push him out of the political deck but to deprive him of all his property as well.

We are now observing the same scenario being applied to another persona of the Kazakhstan establishment.

On June 22, 2018, the interdistrict criminal court of the Aktobe region held the preliminary hearing of the case against Almaz Kuzhagaliyev and several other people including citizens of the other countries. They are accused, among other things, of the transferring of more than 13 thousand tons of oil out of Kazakhstan while documenting them as refined products. The main trial is to take place on July 23.

This trial is a continuation of the «Four Brothers» organized criminal group case. Almaz Kuzhagaliyev, the co-owner and marketing and logistics director of Aktobeneftepererabotka LLP, is believed to be the head of the group and the mastermind behind the massive scale illegal trade of the crude oil without the official confirmation of the legality of its origin. He is accused of the crime stipulated by Sections 1 and 2 of Part 4 of Article 197 of the Kazakhstan Criminal Code. Apart from that, he is accused of producing the falsified documents and then of using them (the crime stipulated by Part 3 of Article 385 of the Kazakhstan Criminal Code).

With that, the other co-owner and simultaneously CEO of Aktobeneftepererabotka LLP Ilyas Kurmanalievich Tasmagambetov has been left outside of the investigation team’s attention zone even though it was he who signed the final documents on the deals.

We believe it is not a coincidence but an attempt to create yet another channel for pressuring Imangali Tasmagambetov. The thing is that the previous one (through his son-in-law Kenes Rakishev) has been significantly weakened due to the latter’s participation in the extremely non-transparent and dangerous for Akorda scheme of Halyk Bank’s rescue via Kazkommertsbank’s and BTA Bank’s distressed assets buyout for 2.6 trillion tenge.

Apart from that, according to the insiders, they are now actively searching for compromising materials against Senate Deputy Dariga Nazarbayeva. They will try and «get» her through entrepreneur Alexander Klebanov who acts as the front for Nazarbayev’s eldest daughter in a number of big businesses including Kazakhtelecom.

Besides, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev and Head of the Lower House of the Parliament Nurlan Nigmatullin have already been «hanged up». The first one — for the incident with his son-in-law who was arrested in Germany and then extradited to his home country. The second — through his co-father-in-law Dinmukhamet Idrisov who, based on our information, was forced to pay 300 $ mln as part of BTA Bank scandal and to testify against Astana Governor Aset Isekeshev on how the latter helped the Ordabasy corporation to take control over businesses.

So, it seems very likely that Kazakhstan is to repeat the domestic political processes that took place in the USSR during the last years of autocrats Iosif Stalin and Leonid Brezhnev. The large-scale repressions of the early 1950s including the «Leningrad Case» and the cases against the military were the peak of the first. The resonant criminal cases against Schelokov, Medunov, the «Cotton Case», etc. were the peak of the second. Regardless of who the accuser was and to what extend these accusations were true, they helped those who, eventually, seized the power in the USSR to destroy their opponents and push away their competitors.

This assessment of what is currently going on in the country is all the more viable due to the fact that something similar has recently happened in Uzbekistan as well.


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