On the transit of power and importance of discussion

Judging from the fact that upcoming transit of high power in Kazakhstan has become a subject, that is freely discussed even in Kazakh-language media, realization of the inevitability of departure of the first president of the country Nursultan Nazarbaev has gained become universal. Another issue is that there is no understanding among the public of how the transit will take place.

And those who have that understanding, even if instinctual (the top of the government apparatus and the closest entourage of the current president) aren’t quick to share their knowledge with citizens.

We all understand there won’t be an absolute repetition of what happened before – in the end it is XXI century outside. Consequently, ruling elites in the conditions of globalization and widespread nature of the internet will be forced to act differently than a hundred or even twenty years ago. But what is evident is this: in Kazakhstan people will be removed from decision-making process at least at the first stage of the transit.

At the same time it isn’t certain that political system of the republic will change in the near future for the better, i.e. will become more open, democratic and representative. The necessity to not only inherit ruling power but keep it and keep away from competitors, likely will force successors to become vindictive.

The question is to what extent they will be able to do this and whether they will strip the thread remains open. Moreover, nobody knows the answer to that question, because future will be formed by all of us.

Due to this we find it appropriate to start a discussion on the subject of transit of highest power in Kazakhstan on our portal: what this transit might be like, its key participants and forces, problems, etc.

Of course the accuracy of predictions will be low, but public discussion of a sharp, painful and sensitive subject is able to solve at least two problems: first, it will give opportunity to exchange opinions and find out what others think, second, it will help each of us determine, how to act. Moreover, we are starting publication of a cycle of articles on how the transit happened in other states similar to Kazakhstan in character of political system and reality. First three articles are on Spain, Portugal and Brazil.


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